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Learn Some Tips To Make Your Medical Visit A Memorable Experience

Travel for health reasons every year becomes more common, thanks to foreign and tourists abroad who find in the country health institutions counted among the best in the world, hospitality and high standards of service.

The procedures most desired by patients from abroad are dental, ophthalmological, and cosmetic surgery because the costs of this type of procedure are seven times lower than in North America and Europe.

  1. Seek expert advice or advice to answer your questions regarding the health trip process. Make sure you have the information indicated on the best procedure for you.
  2. Consult the list of institutions that carry out the type of procedure you require, you can do it on the Proexport page in the Health section, or you can also request free advice from Clinical Travel, the information portal on health tourism.
  3. In the event that your procedure is aesthetic when choosing the doctor who will perform your procedure, it is important that you check whether the professional belongs to the Society of Plastic Surgery, as well as review the testimonies of people who have already have passed through your hands in the operating room.
  4. It is important to find out about the number of days you need for your recovery before starting your return trip.
  5. Take advantage of your stay in Colombia to learn about the tourism plans that you and your family can carry out during recovery, and each destination has wonderful places to discover.

Remember that if you want information about the medical institution or the professional indicated for your procedure, you can find free advice on the Clinical Travel medical portal, through experts on the subject, your tourism process becomes an easier and more reliable doctor in the country.